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Since 1994 Joshua Zelmon Stone Design Inc. has been providing beautiful quality stone work at affordable pricing. Our company strives for the highest level of excellence, cleanliness, and precision working skills. These are just a few of the standards we bring to our projects. We enjoy continuing to work for returning customers year after year. This season let us build your dream project. 
Customer reviews, 

Joshua Zelmon and his team are without equal.  They completed an impossibly difficult job with professionalism and at a price that was extremely fair. What a wonderful contractor, Joe W.

Josh Zelmon and his crew did a terrific job installing interlocking pavers and flagstone walkways in our back yard in the fall of 2013. He always showed up when he said he would, and was very responsive to our wishes, even when they involved nit-picky tweaking of the walkway curves, etc! His advice on stone choices was extremely helpful, and he really went out of his way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. Very easy to work with, reasonably priced and the finished job looks great. BTW, Josh really stands behind his work--when I did some digging 6 months later that caused some pavers on the edge to sag (my fault!), I called him and he came out the next day to fix the problem for no charge. Awesome! 
Doug B.

We used Josh Zelmon to build an outdoor BBQ, fireplace and patio. We could not speak more highly about his work and customer service. As far as the actual project- we were very impressed he was the one doing all of the work. From initial meetings to all of the labor, Josh was there through every step. He did a great job of listening to what we wanted and making it a reality. He paid great attention to the details we wanted and the finished project is better than anticipated. We had a wonderful experience working with Josh as a person. He was easy to work with, very respectful of our home and always reliable. A few weeks after the project was done, we had a few details we wanted to add and Josh came right over and took care of everything we wanted. We would recommend Josh to any of our friends and will definitely keep him in find for future projects! 
Becca J,

Josh Zelmon and his crew have done concrete work, pavers, landscaping and other projects around my home with great skill and enthusiasm.
3 thumbs up!
 Mike P.

I hired Joshua Zelmon in September, 2010 to install a paver patio and walkway in my backyard.   I can not say enough good things about him and his crew.  His work and craftsmanship were nothing short of superb.  Additionally, his communication and professionalism left a lasting impression.  His bid was in the middle range of 3 bids.  Knowing what I know now, if his bid was the high one, I still would have used him.  I appreciated his help with the design, scope, and offers of choices in options of products, styles, types of pavers etc.  Most of all, as the job progressed, he always kept me informed of the days he would be there, the days he couldn't be there, when my pavers were set for delivery etc.  If you are doing a paver project specifically, expect that there is a lot of labor involved if a quality job is desired.  Joshua exceeded all of my expectations. Robert B,

Joshua Zelmon and his crew installed a large, BEAUTIFUL driveway for our home.  Included in this work was a patio area, along with two landings leading into our kitchen and a guest area.  This was a very difficult job for all involved as the stone was cut at a quarry and delivered when completed to our home.  The delays were caused by the stone supplier, not by Joshua.  He handled the delays with a high level of integrity, professionalism, communication and class that is not often seen in the construction industry.  When we look at the work done today, it looks as though our stone areas have always been there - the mark of a gifted stone mason!  We look forward to future work with Joshua Zelmon Stone Design. Kelly W.

Joshua Zelmon and his crew are a rare bunch these days. They turn up, work and go home. They don't disappear several times during the day. They don't spend the whole time on the phone. This means they thought about your job before they arrived and have pretty much everything they need for the day, leaving them free to work uninterrupted.
 For me they laid a large path of Bluestone tile, using a guide we gave them. Joshua has enough experience to adjust your ideas to make sure that things look great. Home owners have ideas of what they want, Joshua and his crew have the knowledge of materials, scale and proportion to make those ideas look right. Other work they did for me was build a small decorative retaining wall: Looks great! Another project for us Joshua tiled two columns at the entrance to our property. This was done by manufacturing, on site, the pieces to make the columns look right. Yup literally cutting stone strips and tiles on site, to make the idea work. And you don't pay a premium for this kinda of service. 
Pat Ostman O.

Josh Zelmon and his crew took our ordinary looking home and made it look amazing.  We had work done in our home and the exterior including a fire place, view deck, toe wall and wainscoting around part of the house. The recommended suggestions that he proposed really worked.  The work was completed on time and the results were beyond our expectations.  I would recommend Joshua Zelmon to any one wanting a top notch job. Basil Gunn

We have had a lot of stone work done at our house by Josh Zelmon and his crew he did a great job artistically and his work is top quality. He also backs up all of his work which is hard to find  these days. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting beautiful stonework. Frank Duncan

I have been recommending Joshua Zelmon to my clients and friends for the last decade. He is conscientious, knowledgeable and does some of the most beautiful stone design in our area. Joe Wright
Bailey Properties, Aptos

Joshua Zelmon Stone Design has done three jobs for me and his work and work ethic has been the best I have ever had on any project I have ever done. He shows up on time, he and his men have done exactly what they said they would do and more. He has done extra things that make the job go smooth and with a much better outcome and he does not nickel and dime you to death. He sticks by his estimate I think some times to his own detriment. I would rehire Joshua again in a heart beat and anyone who does not pick him for a job is a fool. Needless to say we are very happy and get so many compliments with the results. He is a true professional and you will love his enthusiasm. Stephen F.

Joshua Zelmon and his crew did a fantastic job for me!  very professional, polite, happy to accommodate whatever i needed.  they even came back a second time to fix an issue which wasn't even their fault, it was a mistake on the supplier's part.  how awesome is that?  joshua is very hands-on and wants very much for the homeowner to be happy.  he and his "boys" go way out of their way to make sure the project is done right.  i wish all the people who work on my house and yard were as competent, courteous and happy as this crew was.  i was very lucky to have been referred to them. I I.

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